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Bringing health to the blockchain

"The Rosen Apotheke in Rosenheim is the first German pharmacy to enter the metaverse, thereby expanding the horizon of the healthcare industry."

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Health Experience

1. Rewards customer card on the blockchain

What specific benefits do your token holders have? There are a whole range of specific high-energy utilities for the token holders that cannot be purchased elsewhere. We start with an individual metabolism analysis, which is DNA-based. The data from this alone is already very valuable. But with the help of the blockchain, these become unique utilities that are only applicable for the token holder. In the pharmacy, we can make personalized energy serums based on this and much more. These are real boosters made by pharmacists, which are only available for the token holder.

The founder

5 questions for the founder:

Nadja Wehner

The pharmacist

Pharmacists are not necessarily known for their progressive stance and accordingly, the industry is underrepresented in Web3. This is about to change, as Nadja Wehner, owner of the Rosen Apotheke in Rosenheim, Bavaria, and a certified pharmacist, is determined to make a difference: The 38-year-old with Arab roots has initiated an NFT project that brings her pharmacy, as the first in Germany, into the metaverse.

Health is our greatest asset. I see myself as a health influencer and, for example, I'm also a podcaster and YouTuber. My message is to sharpen awareness of the body. I want to provide guidance and show a way that is possible for all of us in terms of maximum energy and health - in everyday life and without great sacrifices. This message can be very nicely packaged into the project: Anyone who accompanies me or my pharmacy into the metaverse can have a comprehensive health experience along the way and receive appropriate high-energy utilities. Stationary or online, real or in the metaverse - one does not exclude the other, but it is about co-existence or new, hybrid forms of exchange.

The roadmap 


Q2-23 - Mint: 266 Genesis Pharmacy Passes

The Metacheck (an individual DNA-based metabolic analysis) worth €350, including personal consultation, is waiting for you.


Your NFT with many utilities is the first rewards customer card on the blockchain.

Q4-23 - Hot Deals

Claim your 25% hot-deal discount code for the online shops:

- rosenapotheke-shop.de

- manarose.de

- rosenapotheke-manufaktur.de

Q2-24 E-commerce in the Metaverse

Opening of the first German pharmacy in the metaverse with VIP features for NFT holders: Your avatar sets your direction and explores the Rosen Apotheke in the virtual space with you.

Claim your Energy Serum and boost your Genesis Pharmacy Pass for the metaverse pharmacy.

Stay tuned for the continued journey of the first German pharmacy in the metaverse!



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